Measuring the Policy-making Process — New Resource!


10 May 2017

As public health professionals, we know that developing policy is complex and evaluating the policy-making process can be even more complicated. So what questions do you ask yourself when planning for policy development?

Our new Focus On: Measuring the policy-making process outlines guiding questions that could help to demonstrate the progress through developing a healthy public policy. These questions were identified through an academic literature review that examined four well cited theories: 

  • Stages Heuristic Model
  • Multiple Streams Framework
  • Advocacy Coalition Framework 
  • Punctuated Equilibrium Theory. 

Although no specific evaluation indicators were identified in the literature, these guiding questions offer a good starting point for measuring progress of policy-making efforts.

Making it all fit – PHO’s eight step model for developing health public policies

In 2016, we updated our eight step model for developing healthy public policies. These eight steps are organized into three phases to help drive the policy-making process: 1) planning, 2) implementation and 3) evaluation. The questions outlined in the Focus On align directly with the planning phase and the first four stages of PHO’s eight step model.
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Updated 10 May 2017