PHO Vaccine Safety Resources Featured by the World Health Organization (WHO)


20 March 2017

PHO provides up-to-date evidence to address public health challenges that affect Ontarians.

We also provide support to Ontario’s immunization stakeholders so that they may better understand and raise awareness about vaccine safety. One of our areas of expertise is vaccine safety – monitoring and communicating about vaccine safety is essential for immunization programs to be successful.

Our vaccine safety webpage provides a one-stop source of information related to vaccine safety surveillance in the province of Ontario, including:

  • surveillance data reports
  • reporting forms
  • presentations
  • publications

Recently, we were recognized as a trusted resource in the area of vaccine safety. Our vaccine safety webpage was featured by the World Health Organization in their Global Vaccine Safety initiative. As part of Vaccine Safety Net, our webpage will join a list of others that help internet users find reliable vaccine safety information tailored to their needs.


We are thrilled that our resources will reach a global audience, and further our goal of making our resources easily accessible to health care providers who administer immunization. 

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Updated 20 March 2017