PHO Highlights National Immunization Awareness Week 2018!


24 April 2018

National Immunization Awareness Week 2018 (NIAW) kicks off April 21 and we are continuing our annual tradition of presenting all of the expertise, resources, and research available to you from Public Health Ontario. 

Running concurrently with NIAW 2018 is Vaccination Week in the Americas and World Immunization Week. Continued vigilance is required at a provincial, national, and international level to ensure that we are all protected from the various vaccine-preventable diseases that represent an ongoing threat to global health. NIAW recognizes the success and impact of vaccines in saving lives in Canada, and reminds us that immunity is our defense against disease. In place since the 1990s, NIAW’s historical prospective demonstrates that vaccines are needed as much now as ever.

PHO continues to offer a variety of resources displaying our work in immunization, including research, reports, and infographics to help you have a clear understanding of the value of vaccines. 

On April 24, be part of our PHO Grand Rounds presentation, Integrating CANImmunize with the DHIR: Using technology to connect Ontarians with Public Health. Speakers Dr. Kumanan Wilson and Katherine Atkinson will discuss the use of technology to improve vaccine uptake and series completion and what integration means for Ontarians, clinicians and public health officials. Registration is available for in-person attendance, or via webinar. 

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Updated 24 April 2018