Locally Driven Collaborative Projects – Cycle 5 Launch


15 March 2018

LDCP Cycle 5 has launched! Read on to see how we’re using collaboration at the local and provincial levels to tackle public health issues.

What is the LDCP program?

The Locally Driven Collaborative Projects (LDCP) program brings public health units together to develop and run research projects on issues of shared interest related to the Ontario Public Health Standards. We focus on fostering partnerships, strengthening knowledge transfer, and creating scientifically sound and relevant projects.

Cycle 5 launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of cycle 5 of the LDCP program. The three new projects for this cycle are:

Cannabis misuse among youth

An examination of key messages, best practices, strategies and interventions to address cannabis misuse among youth.

Ontario Public Health Standard: Chronic Diseases and Injury Prevention, Wellness and Prevention of Injury and Substance Misuse

A provincial framework for healthy community design

Description: There is a need for a legislative framework in Ontario that compels municipalities to incorporate health unit feedback into the development approval, community design plans and evaluability assessment processes to ensure healthy natural/built environments are created

Ontario Public Health Standard: Healthy Environment

Best practices for collaborating with school boards and the Ministry of Education in relation to mental health

Ontario Public Health Standard: School Health

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact LDCP@oahpp.ca. You can learn more on our LDCP webpage.

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Updated 15 March 2018