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25 Feb 2019

A Quick Look at PHO’s New Website

We’re excited to welcome you to Public Health Ontario’s renewed website. This video will provide you, with a brief orientation to the site, some of its key features, and how to find the things that you’re looking for.

Though our site has changed, our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for you. We’ve ensured that all content on our site has been redirected to its equivalent on the redesigned site so that all your bookmarks will still work. Also, your login credentials remain the same.

Our renewed website has been designed based on extensive consultation with our users, ensuring our essential information and resources can be easily found, accessed, saved and shared.

Some key features of our site are:

  • Easy navigation to all of PHO’s resources, laboratory testing information, events, online learning offerings, published research and more on our renewed website. The site pulls all resources on a wide range of topics together on to one-stop-shop topic-based landing pages as well as offering a more robust search function. 
  • Easy to find contacts, including quick access on most pages to the PHO team that leads the work on that topic so you can quickly reach them.
  • Allows you to make the website your own using MyPHO. This allows you to create a profile, set preferences and interests, subscribe to PHO newsletters and updates, and see suggestions of new resources and events based on your interests. MyPHO also allows you to save content (resources, webpages, tools and events) directly to your profile, where they will be stored and accessible every time you login.
  • Makes online learning easier. Our new website is a portal to our online learning system, with special features including:
    • easy access to all PHO’s online courses and training opportunities through the Course Catalogue 
    • improved management of your course history including: progress tracking, transcripts and certificates
  • Fully accessible and compatible with all desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. 

We hope you use all the new features and the site supports you in doing the essential work you do each and every day. Please be sure to login or register for myPHO for a more personalized experience.

Once you’ve browsed our site and taken it all in, let us know what you think by responding to our feedback survey.  

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Updated 25 Feb 2019