Leadership Changes at Public Health Ontario


9 Dec 2020

Effective January 9, 2021, Dr. Shelley Deeks will be leaving her role at PHO to take on a role as Public Health Surveillance Medical Officer of Health in Nova Scotia.

“On behalf of PHO, I want to extend heartfelt thanks to Dr. Deeks who has been with PHO since 2009 and has proven herself to be a dynamic, dedicated and charismatic leader. Beyond her leadership capabilities, Dr. Deeks is a recognized national and international expert in the field of immunization and has supported policymakers, public health units, health care professionals and PHO staff in case and outbreak management for over twenty years. Most recently, she has lead PHO’s public health pandemic response efforts, overseeing case and contact management, epidemiology and surveillance, scientific planning, vaccine planning and public health and health system guidance,” said Colleen Geiger, PHO’s acting President and CEO.

Dr. Jessica Hopkins will be stepping up into the role of Chief Health Protection and Emergency Preparedness Officer and will be providing executive leadership to PHO’s COVID-19 response activities. Dr. Hopkins is currently Deputy Chief, Health Protection and has been instrumental in leading IPAC and communicable disease physicians and scientists to develop guidance and provide best practices throughout our response efforts. Prior to this, she worked for more than a decade in local public health, culminating in a role as MOH at Peel Public Health.

“Leaving PHO, I take with me very rewarding and enriching professional experiences as well as lifelong friendships. Public Health is a small world and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with my colleagues in Ontario. I am, however, excited for this next stage of my career and being able to contribute to public health in Nova Scotia. Dr. Hopkins is a respected and dynamic public health professional and leader. I am confident that she will be an extraordinary leader as part of PHO’s COVID-19 response,” said Dr. Deeks.

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Updated 9 Dec 2020