Upcoming relocation to new London facility


30 Oct 2020

Relocating PHO’s London laboratory and St. Marys IPAC office to PHO’s new London location

Public Health Ontario (PHO)’s London laboratory and St. Marys infection prevention and control (IPAC) office will be relocating to PHO’s new London location in November. Located at 1200 Commissioners Road East, Unit 102 in London.

PHO’s St. Marys IPAC office, currently located at 268 Maiden Lane, St. Marys, will relocate to the new London location on Nov. 2. PHO’s London laboratory will relocate soon after during the weekend of Nov. 6 from their current location at 850 Highbury Avenue, London. There will be no change to email addresses and phone numbers following the move. The fax number at the London laboratory will also remain the same. The IPAC office’s fax number will be: 519-455-3363.

PHO does not anticipate any significant disruption to services as a result of the move. The London laboratory will continue to accept testing samples at the 850 Highbury Avenue location from Nov. 6-8, 2020 (inclusive). Beginning Monday, Nov. 9, testing samples can be directed to the new London location at 1200 Commissioners Road East. PHO is committed to a smooth and seamless transition throughout the move.

Details and instructions for delivering testing specimens to PHO’s new London facility will be posted on PHO’s website in early November.

About PHO’s new London location.

The relocation of the IPAC St. Marys office and London laboratory is part of PHO’s commitment to meeting the needs and capacity of Ontario’s public health system. The new London facility at 1200 Commissioners Road East will feature a modern laboratory that will allow PHO to adapt and remain current as technology evolves. The facility will also consolidate the London laboratory and St. Marys IPAC office.

PHO looks forward to continuing to work with our partners and clients at our new London laboratory location.

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Updated 30 Oct 2020