National Fall Prevention Month 2022


7 Nov 2022

November is National Fall Prevention Month. The goal of this awareness campaign is to equip health practitioners and service providers, businesses, and government with the evidence-informed resources to raise awareness and engage their communities in preventing falls and fall-related injuries. Raising awareness of the burden and impact of fall-related injuries for Canadians is important and encourages everyone to acknowledge their role in preventing falls and fall-related injuries throughout their lives. When organizations coordinate their efforts for fall prevention, we can anticipate a larger impact.

New Report on Fall Prevention

In time for National Fall Prevention Month, Public Health Ontario (PHO) has released a new report on fall prevention for older adults that provides information on fall prevention indicators. A product related to child fall prevention is planned for release later in 2022.

Fall-related injuries are a serious public health issue in Ontario, and can greatly impact both the individual and their family. Every year since 2011, falls have accounted for over 65% of injury-related hospitalizations among adults aged 65 to 74 and over 80% for those over 75 years.

For older adults in Canada, falls are a frequent experience and have immediate physical consequences, including injuries, and represent the leading cause of injury-related emergency department visits and hospital admissions. In addition to the personal impact, falls cost Canadians $10.3 billion annually from both direct and indirect health care costs.

Check out our updated Injuries webpage for additional documents and resources on falls, as well as other injuries, which are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Ontario.

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Updated 7 Nov 2022