National Infection Control Week 2022


17 Oct 2022

This week is National Infection Control Week. This week is an opportunity to celebrate the valuable work infection control professionals do every day to keep us safe and healthy. This year’s theme is “Spread Prevention – not infection!”

Infection Prevention and Control
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) has a big impact on all aspects of health care. Activities like hand hygiene, proper use of personal protective equipment, and safeguards to prevent the spread of antimicrobial resistant organisms help to keep patients, and all those who use the health care system safer.

IPAC is unique to patient safety and quality of care as it is relevant to every health professional and every patient, during every step of the health care journey, globally. Effective IPAC activities require persistent action and attention at all levels of the health system.

According to a report published earlier this year by the World Health Organization, thorough IPAC programs can reduce health care infections by 70%.

IPAC at Public Health Ontario
Public Health Ontario (PHO) provides health professionals with expertise, support and extensive information and resources related to IPAC, that include:

  • Routine Practices and Additional Precautions
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • IPAC audit tools
  • Application of IPAC principles to unique and complicated situations

We also offer a myriad of online educational courses for IPAC professionals that range from core competencies and reprocessing, to specialized knowledge for different environments, including hospitals, long-term care homes, and community health care settings.

For all IPAC related information and resources, check out our IPAC webpage.

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Published 17 Oct 2022