Updates to PHO’s Laboratory General Test Requisition Form

Laboratory Testing

11 Sep 2023

This information on this page is for authorized health care providers who are requesting laboratory testing services from Public Health Ontario (PHO).

As of September 11, 2023, PHO has updated its General Test Requisition Form in an effort to improve data quality and enhance sample processing and turnaround times. Please discard all copies of the old versions and use the updated version moving forward. You can access the updated version at: www.publichealthontario.ca/requisitions. Use of the older versions past January 1, 2024 may result in test delays or cancellations.

What’s changed?

  • Ordering Health Care Provider section has been reformatted to better capture contact information for the submitter, as well as contacts to be copied (i.e., laboratory, public health unit, other authorize healthcare provider).
  • Selection options for the following sections of the form have been updated:
    • Patient Setting
    • Testing Indications (previously called Reason for Test)
    • Signs and Symptoms (previously called Clinical Information),
    • Specimen Information (previously called Specimen Type and Site)
    • Test(s) Requested
  • New sections and information added:
    • A new Relevant Exposure section to capture exposure information, including occupational exposure/needlestick injury
    • A new Relevant Travel section that captures travel details, including date of return travel (previously under Clinical Information)
    •  Hepatitis testing options have been updated in the Test(s) Requested section to include pre-chemotherapy screening and a list of the markers tested.

How do I fill out the updated form?

  • The updated form now includes detailed instructions for filling out the form on page two. 
  • If you have any questions about the updated form, please contact customerservicecentre@oahpp.ca.
  • All sections of the form must be completed by authorized health care providers for each specimen submitted, or testing may be delayed or cancelled.

How do I know what form to use to request a test?

  • PHO has a Laboratory Test Information Index, which includes detailed specific testing information. The specific test information page will tell you which requisition is required.
  • Most laboratory tests can be ordered using the General Test Requisition form. For HIV, respiratory viruses, cultured isolates, or environmental samples, please use the dedicated requisitions available at www.publichealthontario.ca/requisitions.

Will you still accept old General Test Requisitions Forms?

PHO will continue to accept the old versions until the end of this year. However, submissions received using the old Requisition Form past January 1, 2024 may result in testing delays or cancellation.


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Published 11 Sep 2023