Ontario COVID-19 Data Tool

The Ontario COVID-19 Data Tool provides epidemiological information on COVID-19 activity in Ontario to-date. Explore the most recent COVID-19 data including: daily and weekly case counts by hospitalizations and deaths, vaccine uptake by age, sex and public health unit, outbreaks and laboratory testing.

Changes to the Ontario COVID-19 Data Tool as of November 11, 2022:

  • Summary, Case Trends, Age and Sex, Map: Current population estimates for Ontario are now being used to calculate case, hospital admission and death rates for Ontario and public health units, by age group and sex. This update could result in changes in rate estimates. See the General Technical Notes for more information.
  • Summary: The rate for the total laboratory tests has been updated to report laboratory test rates per 1,000.
  • Map: Hospital admissions and deaths now display data for the most recent surveillance week.
  • Vaccines, Map: Coverage estimates for ‘completed primary series and 2 booster dose’ now include data for the 12 to 17 age-group.
  • Vaccines: Dose 6 and the Health Canada approved bivalent products have been added. Vaccination setting has been removed.


  • Testing and case, contact, and outbreak management in Ontario was restricted to high-risk populations and settings in January 2022. As such, counts are an underestimate of the extent of COVID-19 activity in Ontario.

The COVID-19 Data Tool is updated Fridays at 11:30 a.m. Vaccine data are updated every four weeks on Fridays.

For questions about the data, please contact EPIR@oahpp.ca.

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Updated 17 March 2023