Audio Presentation: Planning Health Promotion Programs

This audio presentation provides a brief overview of the six steps involved in planning evidence-informed health promotion programs. This presentation complements the introductory workbook.

Part 1: Overview of the six-step planning process

Find out about the learning objectives for the series, learn about the benefits of planning, and learn the six steps involved in the process.

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Part 2: Manage the planning process

Learn about step 1 in the planning process, and explore tips and tricks to manage the process and develop a workplan.

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Part 3: Conduct a situational assessment

Focus on situational assessment and discuss strategies to help you communicate your step 2 results.

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Part 4: Set goals, audiences of interest and objectives

Focus on differitating goals and objectives, defining audiences, and writing outcome objectives.

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Part 5: Choose strategies and activities and assign resources

Learn to differentiate between strategies and activities, and write process objectives.

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Part 6: Develop indicators and review the plan

Focus on developing appropriate indicators, reviewing the program plan with a critical lens, and provides further support for the full process.

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Updated 8 April 2019