Strategic Plan

We remain committed to protecting and promoting the health of Ontarians and reducing inequities in health, through our regular work and throughout public health emergencies including COVID-19.  Our Strategic Plan 2020-2023 reflects the current context and captures our areas of expertise and services. The Plan maintains the mission, vision, mandate, and values articulated in our 2014-2019 strategic plan and extends the five strategic directions with updated goals for each. 

Our Plan

Overview of PHO’s Strategic Directions 2020-2023

Strategic Direction #1: Provide scientific and technical expertise to strengthen Ontario’s public health sector and support the achievement of its goals in the context of health system change, public health modernization, and the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Goal 1.1: Provide scientific leadership and expertise in public health and laboratory sciences to support the public health and health systems sectors in Ontario to achieve objectives related to COVID-19 response and recovery.
  • Goal 1.2: Actively participate in public health modernization efforts, supporting stakeholders across the sector to achieve their respective goals. 

Strategic Direction #2: Accelerate integrated population health monitoring

  • Goal 2.1: Accelerate the development of centralized public health information tools and resources, in collaboration with our public health and health care partners, facilitating streamlined access to data and enabling integrated population health monitoring.
  • Goal 2.2: Produce and disseminate tools and resources which transform data to information and knowledge that guide public health action.
  • Goal 2.3: Provide leadership in advancing and applying analytic and presentation methodologies that inform population health monitoring.

Strategic Direction #3: Enable policy, program and practice action

  • Goal 3.1: Synthesize and disseminate knowledge and evidence-based practices in public health and laboratory science to accelerate their application into practice.
  • Goal 3.2: Provide evidence and tools to influence policy and program development.
  • Goal 3.3: Build skills, capacity, and competencies in Ontario’s health workforce to face tomorrow’s public health issues.

Strategic Direction #4: Advance public health evidence and knowledge

  • Goal 4.1: Lead the generation of new public health knowledge in priority areas.
  • Goal 4.2: Develop innovative approaches and methodologies for advancing public health evidence.
  • Goal 4.3: Evaluate and enhance complex population health interventions.

Strategic Direction #5: Great people, exceptional teams building a stronger PHO

  • Goal 5.1: Increase connectedness and belonging to cultivate a strong and cohesive organizational culture.
  • Goal 5.2: Develop a PHO-specific diversity and inclusion strategy.
  • Goal 5.3: Support learning, individual and team development, and build leadership capacity.
  • Goal 5.4: Foster a culture of health, safety, and wellness that enhances the quality of work life and organizational performance. 

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Updated 3 March 2021