Health Promotion, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

Our Health Promotion, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention (HPCDIP) team supports Ontario’s public health system, community health care intermediaries and partner ministries. The department provides high quality, evidence-informed research, resources, scientific and technical advice, as well as other services important to public health.

Recent Work

The HPCDIP department consists of five inter-related units:  

  • Health Promotion and Special Projects: HPSP helps public health professionals address health inequities, as well as plan, implement and evaluate health promotion programs in Ontario. The unit offers a wide range of tools and resources such as workbooks, worksheets and online modules, as well as subject matter expertise. 
  • Applied Public Health Sciences: APHS consists of content-area leads in injury prevention, healthy growth and development, school-aged health, healthy eating, tobacco control and substance abuse. APHS provides scientific and technical expertise and support that informs the research and practice of public health initiatives.
  • Knowledge Synthesis Services: The KSS team undertakes high quality evidence syntheses. We collaborate with internal and external partners to inform evidence that guides action, improves health outcomes and reduces health inequities. The KSS team also provides expertise on knowledge synthesis processes.
  • Epidemiology and Evaluation Services: EES provides support and methodological expertise to conduct epidemiological research and evaluate policies and health promotion programs. In collaboration with our stakeholders, we produce relevant and actionable evidence that informs decision-making.
  • HPCDIP Research Group: This group of researchers conduct population-health intervention research on a variety of public health topics, including alcohol and nutrition policy, oral health and the social determinants of health.

Our People

Updated 19 July 2019