Ontario COVID-19 Data Tool

The Ontario COVID-19 Data Tool provides epidemiological information on COVID-19 activity in Ontario to-date. Explore the most recent COVID-19 data including: case trends, age and sex, geographic location, source of COVID-19 infection (acquisition), outbreaks and laboratory testing.

Please read our daily epidemiological summary  for more detailed provincial and regional data. The weekly epidemiological summary highlights cases over time, characteristics of cases, deaths, exposure, and sub-populations of interest.

 The Ontario COVID-19 Data Tool has been updated to include:

  • Acquisitions (likely source of infection), outbreaks and laboratory testing information
  • Hospitalizations for case trends and by age and sex
  • Cumulative or recent cases, deaths, and hospitalizations by public health unit can be found on the Age and Sex tab

Data Updates

The COVID-19 Data Tool is updated Monday to Friday at 11:30 a.m. For case counts on the weekend see the Daily Epidemiological Summary.

Daily Epidemiological Summary
Updated 25 Jan 2021