Ontario Respiratory Virus Tool

The Ontario Respiratory Virus Tool provides comprehensive epidemiological information on respiratory virus activity in Ontario, including COVID-19, influenza, RSV, and other respiratory viruses. Explore respiratory virus data including case trends, outcomes (hospital bed occupancy, ICU bed occupancy, and deaths), laboratory testing, and outbreaks.

Updates as of June 14, 2024:

We have made some updates to the Ontario Respiratory Virus Tool (ORVT).

Provincial laboratory testing data for COVID-19 has been enhanced to now include breakdowns by public health unit and age for a larger proportion of the tests conducted in Ontario. Public reporting of COVID-19 case counts and rates through the ORVT will pause as of the June 14, 2024 update to the ORVT, while longer term integrative data solutions for COVID-19 and all other reportable diseases in Ontario are explored. COVID-19 indicators - percent positivity, hospital bed occupancy, outbreaks and deaths, continue to be available and are used to assess current COVID-19 activity in the province. Case counts are provided from the start of the pandemic and up to June 1, 2024.

The ORVT is updated weekly on Fridays, with data up to the previous Saturday.

How to Use The Tool

The tool is best viewed on desktop or tablet.

To learn how to navigate the tool, see our User Guide.

To see information on source data, classifications, citations, definitions and more, see our Technical Notes.

The tool is updated Fridays. The tool will be updated the next business day following a holiday.

For COVID-19 wastewater information please visit the COVID-19 Wastewater Surveillance page

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Updated 14 June 2024