Open Data

PHO is supporting Ontario's commitment to Open Government, including making government data publicly available to increase transparency and spur innovation.

A key part of this commitment is Open Data supporting government efficiency, effectiveness and innovation. Faster and easier access to government data facilitates evidence-based policy, informs service delivery and promotes greater transparency and accountability.

Ontario’s Open Data Directive requires every provincial agency to publish a list of all the datasets they create, collect and/or manage as their data inventory.

PHO's data inventory lists all PHO data sets and identifies whether a data set is currently open, in the process of being opened or exempt from being released. To protect Ontarians, certain data will not be released due to privacy, security, legal, confidentiality or commercially-sensitive reasons.

To see datasets available from the Government of Ontario, please see the Ontario open data catalogue.

In addition to Open Data, you can also make requests for: water test results, freedom of information, lab tests and other data and information. See our Data Requests page for more information.

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Updated 22 Oct 2019