Dermatitis (Occupational)

Dermatitis is a common condition among health care workers and is significantly under-reported.

Occupational contact dermatitis can have negative long-term impacts on quality of work and home life. It is associated with considerable morbidity, time lost from work or need for change in occupation.

Recommendations for Occupational Contact Dermatitis in Health Care Settings

This document provides a series of recommendations for the prevention, early detection and management of occupational contact dermatitis in health care workers (HCWs).

It covers the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of irritant and allergic contact dermatitis, with a focus on HCWs who are exposed to wet work and allergenic substances in the workplace.

The goal of this document is to promote the prevention and early diagnosis of contact dermatitis through effective screening, surveillance, education and training and appropriate clinical assessment and diagnostic testing.



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Updated 11 March 2020