Water Testing – Who to Contact

PHO provides testing of water samples collected from private drinking water systems, such as a well and other private drinking water systems (e.g., water from cisterns, treated lake water). We test for the bacterial contaminants E.coli and total coliforms. To learn more about well water testing at PHO or to order a sample collection kit, please visit our Well Water Testing page.

For information on where to go to test for other contaminants or if you have a specific question about water quality or testing, please refer to the information below to find out who to contact.

Public Health Units

Contact a Public Health Unit if you: 

  • Suspect surface water or human or animal waste has entered your well.
  • Need a private drinking water sample collection kit to test for bacterial contamination.
  • Have questions about the results of your test or about other environmental testing, including testing for chemical contaminants.

Licensed Private Laboratory

Contact a licensed laboratory if you: 

  • Are concerned about chemicals in your well, such as sulphur or nitrates.

See the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks list of licensed laboratories to find a private lab near you or call 1-800-565-4923 or 416-325-4000.

Licensed Well Contractor

Contact a licensed well contractor if you:

  • Are concerned your well is poorly constructed or needs upgrading or maintenance.

Refer to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks Directory of Licensed Well Contractors or search for water well drilling and services in your local area. 

Licensed  Plumbing Inspector

Contact a licensed plumbing inspector if you:

  • Need to have your plumbing system professionally inspected

Contact your local Public Health Unit for a list of available professionals in your area.

Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP)

Contact MECP for information related to:


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Updated 19 June 2019