Inspiring the next generation at Take Our Kids To Work Day


8 Nov 2016

As a learning organization, Public Health Ontario (PHO) helps to build capacity in Ontario’s public health workforce. But on November 2, we shifted our focus to a slightly younger audience. We had the pleasure of once again participating in Take Our Kids To Work Day, taking the opportunity to introduce young and inquisitive minds to the important and multi-faceted world of public health.

This year, 34 Grade 9 students spent the day with us: our Toronto locations welcomed 26 students and those from across the province accompanied their parents and guardians to our labs in Thunder Bay, London, Timmins and Peterborough. Each location carefully planned activities which provided a glimpse into the varied work we do at PHO in a fun and interactive way. This included hand hygiene tutorials, demos of environmental sampling equipment, an activity in which the students developed infographics, and a tour of our laboratory.

We hope our guests had as good a time as we did hosting them, and sharing with them the passion we have for our varied professions and the impact of our efforts. Perhaps we even piqued the interest of a new generation, so they may one day seek to play a role in protecting and promoting the health of Ontarians.

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Updated 8 Nov 2016