Celebrate National Immunization Awareness Week 2017 with PHO!


20 April 2017

PHO is celebrating National Immunization Awareness Week (NIAW)  from April 22 to 29, 2017. Read on below to see what’s going on at PHO this week!

It is also Vaccination Week in the Americas and World Immunization Week. Immunization has had great success in protecting Ontarians, Canadians and the rest of the world. Between two and three million lives are saved every year by current immunization activities.

This awareness week promotes the importance of how vaccines boost the power of the immune system to fight diseases and encourages everyone, including parents and health care providers, to ensure that people of all ages are immunized on time and receive all recommended vaccines to protect them from serious diseases.

Our research, reports, infographics, and technical advice, expertise and guidance all demonstrate the value of PHO’s work in immunization and to our clients, partners, and the public.

Check out these PHO Events during NIAW 2017:

Travel back in time at the Quarantine Tent! (April 25)

Ever wonder what life was like before vaccines? Take a walk through history with this interactive exhibit and learn more about what it was like to have diseases such as Diphtheria, Small Pox, Spanish Flu, Polio and more!

Visit the event page for more information.

PHO Rounds with Dr. Shelley Deeks and Dr. Sarah Wilson (April 25)

The publicly-funded infant rotavirus immunization program in 2011 led to a subsequent decrease in disease burden. This presentation will review recent research studies describing:

  • the safety of rotavirus vaccine
  • the success of Ontario’s rotavirus immunization program in reducing healthcare utilization for acute gastroenteritis.
  • factors associated with the uptake of rotavirus vaccine in Ontario

Stay tuned to our blog for more NIAW 2017 updates!

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Updated 20 April 2017