National Medical Laboratory Week


22 April 2019

It’s National Medical Laboratory Week. We acknowledge our laboratory colleagues for their contributions to the health of Ontarians by recognizing Katarina Goenadi.

Katarina is the Logistics Operations Manager at the Public Health Ontario Laboratory.  Earlier this year she participated in PHO Talks and shared how she has embraced the Japanese principles of ‘LEAN’ as a lifestyle at work and home. In her PHO Talk Katarina shares how she used LEAN to improve the coordination and distribution of specimen container kits that are used for testing across Ontario.

“To me, this seemed like a challenge for LEAN.”

Katarina describes how she established trust with her team and ensured everyone understood the purpose of their work. Together they focused on the value of their work to minimize or eliminate time spent on non-value added activities or waste.

“I didn’t provide my team with checklists or templates to follow. Instead, I spent a lot of time with them and continued to share experience and knowledge. As they developed more understanding and started to see the benefits, they repeated the concept in their own at work. Now, I see each of them as their own LEAN leader.”

Katarina believes people are the heartbeat of LEAN. “The right culture is required for a successful LEAN implementation. WE – the people - create and can change culture. We can make a difference by investing in ourselves and in others.”

Have a look at her PHO Talk, “LEAN starts with people” and be prepared to be inspired.

PHO Talks - LEAN Starts with People

LEAN starts with people. PHO's Katarina Goenadi  shares how she uses the Japanese principles of LEAN in her role as Logistics Operations Manager and the PHO Laboratory and at home.

Duration: 12 min

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Updated 22 April 2019