About Public Health Ontario

Public Health Ontario - Why We Exist

Following a series of major public health events in the early 2000s, including the Walkerton waterborne outbreak of E. coli and the outbreak of SARS, a key recommendation for Ontario was the creation of an arms-length scientific and technical organization. Public Health Ontario (PHO) began operations in 2008. This video covers how PHO was established, why we exist, how we build capacity in the public health workforce with our educational offerings, and how we keep Ontarians safe and healthy.

Duration: 3 min

Public Health Ontario – Keeping the people of Ontario safe

Public Health Ontario (PHO) works with our partners and clients to keep Ontarians safe. This video highlights how PHO continues to adapt and respond to ensure that Ontario is always ready as new issues emerge, such as outbreaks, infectious diseases and infection prevention and control lapses.

Duration: 3 min

Public Health Ontario - Helping the People of Ontario Stay Healthy and Out of the Hospital

Three-quarters of all deaths in Ontario can be attributed to chronic diseases. This video describes how Public Health Ontario (PHO) finds ways for Ontarians to be healthier longer, by working with our partners and clients to prevent chronic diseases that require treatment in the hospital and strain the health system. Examples include, partnering on interactive tools using the best available data and producing burden of illness reports.

Duration: 3 min

Updated 4 Nov 2019