COVID-19 Data and Surveillance

Data and surveillance play a vital role in managing a pandemic. The data that is collected can tell us how the pandemic is evolving, assess severity and risk and develop the necessary interventions to prevent further spread.

Since the onset of COVID-19, PHO has worked closely with the Ministry of Health and our local public health partners to collect, interpret and share COVID-19 data.


Case Trends






This page contains PHO’s previously released COVID-19 surveillance reports. They contain the most current information that was available at the time. These resources cover topics that include COVID-19 activity in Ontario over time, SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Surveillance, Adverse Events Following Immunization, positive cases and percent positivity, deaths, outbreaks, information by health care setting, health region, and public health unit, epidemic curves by region, age group, and gender, and more.

Please refer to our Ontario COVID-19 Data Tool or our weekly epidemiological summary for the most recent COVID-19 data from Ontario.

Updated 1 Dec 2022