Our spokespeople are leading experts on public health issues like immunization, environmental and occupational health, health promotion, infection prevention and control, potential health emergencies, infectious diseases and more. Contact Media Relations to set up an interview or for more information.

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PHO Spokespersons

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Chief, Medical Microbiology

Chief, Environmental and Occupational Health

Chief Science Officer

Interim Chief, Communicable Diseases, Emergency Preparedness and Response

Chief, Infection Prevention and Control

Deputy Chief, Medical Microbiology

Medical Microbiologist

Infection Prevention and Control Physician

Public Health Physician

Epidemiologist Specialist

Chief, Health Promotion, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

Deputy Chief, Laboratory Research

Senior Program Specialist

Interim Vice-President, Science and Health Protection

Interim Medical Director, Communicable Diseases, Emergency Preparedness and Response

Medical Epidemiologist

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Updated 8 April 2019